May 21, 2014

Youth will save for One Direction ticket concert but not for their future


Youth of today are willing to save for the One Direction concert than save money for their future. When I heard that One Direction will conduct a concert in our country I just knew that many of its fans regardless of how much the ticket whether expensive or not they will still make way to fund them and watch the said concert, and it happen, a lot of post in Twitter and Facebook are willing to save just for their concert. The ticket price of the concert costs Php 3,775 - Php 18,000 (seating) and Php 1,200 to Php 2,200 (standing), for more info visit this page.

It’s a good thing that they are saving for the concert, but can they do that also for their future? Are they willing to save money and use it for future use? And here’s a thing to ponder, the concert is just a onetime event only which you can also watch on TV later because for sure station are willing to buy the rights to show their concert for replay which can earn them more ratings and sponsors later on. 

While you are still young it is important that you start to save and invest which can give you a good return after sometime of investing money in the financial vehicle like Trust fund, stock market or can use it to fund your future business, or ticket abroad if you plan to work there.

I understand that you love One Direction and you will do anything for them, but can they give you a good direction for the bright future?

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