October 27, 2014

Preserve Your Gadget’s Cord Using Cord Wrapper

Hi guys, just recently I bought this thing like a spiral cord that looks like that old telephone cord. And according to the forum I belong this could protect our chargers and headset which we often use and are prone to get weary in time. In my opinion if we bought cases and accessories for our phones and tablet to protect them I think we should also get invested to protect the charger and headset too.

You can buy this spiral cord wrapper in any gadgets store near in your place or buy it online if you can’t find one. This costs 10 to 20 pesos only and is available in different colors. If you see this sells for Php 100 in 3 pieces only that is overprice because I bought mine here in the province for Php 20 each only.

cord wrappercord wrapper


  1. Before you cut this cord find first the connection where it met which is easily to find by simply stretching it.
  2. Insert the end in your charger’s cord and spin it like you were returning a spring in the notebook.
  3. You can also put two colors at the same time which can make it more stiff and sturdy and colorful too.


  • It can protect your charger or headset from sudden pull or from your pet dog.
  • It can prolong the life of your gadget’s cord.
  • No more tangles for headset.
  • It is affordable than buying a replacement for your gadget.


  • It takes time to put it in your cord.
  • It is not widely available in all gadget stores. 

Images taken from my Xiaomi Mi3 phone

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