March 24, 2011

Busy week

This is the busiest week in my life. I am traveling back and fort in the city for the set up of my new cafe and then by night meeting to all my friends online constructing my plan, implementing and designing a floor plan as I don't want to bother my husband who is currently concentrating to self study for the Exam. And in daytime if I'm not in the city, managing my current cafe as again trouble shooting one pc as it get corrupted its OS for the nth time again. 

I am also be seen in town riding my mio always talking and finding people for their service like a plumber, a helper a carpenter and even canvassing materials, and now that my house helper has finally making a good exit after a month of service I am now looking for her replacement.

Huh I am not entitled to rest for a while because this is the busiest week Ive ever had and it just only the beginning , the only consolation for me is the end of school days as I wont worry for my son's assignment and make him ready in school.

If only I could pause the time or make it slowed or just shout and said PLEASE TAKE CHARGE.


  1. i can relate hihi. well congratulations on your new branch! burger, burger !! lol

  2. hi air.. u are reallt very hardworking and business minded.. :)



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