April 13, 2011

Doing all chores after my helper leave.

This is based on my own experience actually. Last week my good helper leave me without a good reason for leaving. I am sad that she have to leave me after a month of her service, I am hat's off with her work, she really manage our home very well and that's not all she also took care of my son if I'm not available. I have no choice but to let her leave I cannot force her to stay if she don't want but still I told her that she is still welcome to come back anytime.

Good thing about her is she ensured that the house is clean and all chores are finished even our clothes. So she left the house clean and I have no choice but to take charge everything. So how did I do it despite all works and business to manage? By simply waking up too early. 

Taking care of the house as soon as i get up on bed isn't too easy but I will suffer more if im not. I already digging out our kitchen preparing food both of our breakfast and for lunch too, in between of sipping hot milk making myself energize as I am also feeling dizzy for waking up too early. After cooking food I make sure that I swept all the dirt in the floor I concentrated mostly cleaning the house in the kitchen. And making sure all stuffs and clutter are in their place as I want to maintain the cleanliness that my helper did before she left. Swept only dust in places and things that can be seen first only. I also wash our clothes every 3 days so that it wont accumulate into a big file of clothes. And this is also the time that I bathe my dog. And outside just picking up clutter and leaves very fast and what is seen first only. I also make sure that the members of the house can wash their own plates. And before the work starts I make sure that I scrub the flooring and tiles of our comfort room before I took a bath. 

And that's it, the day starts without the help of others. I am thankful that it is also a summer vacation so I don't have to worry about my son's school academic assignments and tutorial, but still looking for the replacement of my helper so that I could maximize my time with my son and in business.


  1. sharing the same dilemma sis, very tired na ako huhuhu

  2. The blog is very good!



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