April 20, 2011

How I Tutor my Son!

I am glad that finally the school time is over because of summer vacation. Because if it didn't I could picture myself really worn out doing everything on my own in the house, in the field, and in the business plus the fact that I need to monitor my son's assignment and his lecture  topic. But during his school time I am also studying his lessons, explaining and help him to finish his assignments and projects. 

Here's what I do on how I tutor my own son:

1. During the start of the school we both study, I explain each topic on him in present and in advance lesson.
2. I frequently talk to his teacher on what subject does my child finds it difficult to understand, because my son sometimes wont tell the truth about his studies, he will just tell me that he understands it all, but I know that deep inside of him, he just want to tell what I want to hear, so that we will study in a shorter time and he can play his toys right away.
3. Make some visuals or materials for him to better understands it well. I find it easy to explain the topic using the materials like chalk and blackboard, pen and manila paper or put it in powerpoint in our computer. But usually for me that I had a limited time I just use his textbooks as my visuals of discussion and explain the topic on him.
4. I make sure that he do the assignments alone and then I will check it later. If  he answers correctly, I praise him alot making him confident to answer it on his own and if he had some mistakes, I explain to him how he will be able to answer it correctly and I add some techniques to answer it.
5. I also put his subjects or lessons in an actual situation and in events.
6. I also write some questions in a paper and he will answer it on his own to make sure that he understands it well, I frequently do this as a practice to become confident in his class.
7. I talk and confirmed his teacher if he really progress in his subjects or if he needs some attentions on the particular subject.
8. I treat my son after we study or after he finished his exam.

As a mother it is really a rewarding and fulfilling when you know that your child really learns in school though he can't make it on top I know that he began to understand the need to study well while young and life isn't all about playing and sleeping. Although there are times that he is not in good mood to study I really, really exert  patients on him and promise something for him to get back on the track, with the combination of arguing, persuading and some playing. After all studying with my child is also a bonding moment between me and my son.


  1. i am also relieved of tutoring my youngest son Yahmir this summer vacation hihi. You're style is great sis!
    Now that it's school vacation, I can focus on my house chores, my helper had left too :( it's been a month now and i haven't looked for a replacement yet. i just wish i will be having a helper by the time the school year begins this June

  2. Hi Chris! Thanks for sharing these tips. I will keep this handy. I have very little patience with my first grader (and no way will I broach on Chinese!) but I am glad he also does well in school. Regardless, this is great tips to remember!

  3. thanks also may 4 dropping here

  4. Will take note of this para ung daughter maganda rin grades :)

  5. You are doing great as amother:)



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