April 24, 2011

Dreamin' a dream

Having your own home for the first time in your life is the least dreams Ive ever imagined in my life, in fact I ignore to dream of it a long time ago as I knew back then that it will disappoint me of not having it. Many years before me and my husband build our own family in a wrong time as we both not established our financial income. After a year of graduation in college we both decide to live together and have our own child, we both rented a house and my husband got a job after one to another. And we decide to live with my parents after sometimes that we notice there is nothing happens in our life, yet we survives everyday but not enough to save for our future and my growing son. Although I had also a daytime work but it only helps a little and not really as satisfactory in exchange that I force to leave my son to others to take care of.

So after years of leaving the corporate world as we put a little business that really augment our income plus my husband as an overseas worker really did help to save enough to finally decide us to put our own home. It is still on the process of construction but at-least this is now the result and start of our hard-earned money.

I did manage the whole construction with the helps of our friends in college and my hubby's idea of the house plan. It is thrifty on my part cause at least I know some of what's really is going on in a construction, as I don't have a contractor that could blew the total cost.I also buy the material by myself and no middleman, lucky to have a hardware store that actually trust in me and drop some discounts in everything I get plus a fact that I get the orders by  text message and pay it later.

I just hope that we could finish it in no time, I am really excited now with what really it feels to manage my own home. I could choose what to purchase in our home, designing and arranging it.Hoping that I could stretch more on my budget.


  1. Good luck to the construction of your home. Visiting tru TBE

  2. smart mommy :) you are doing it right! congrats!

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