May 10, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Despite my busiest days of my life and a seldom post here in bloggers world someone still gave me an award, actually this is not my first time to receive it but I am skeptical on what to do with it.

Thanks to Jared's little corner by giving me award for the first time and also to Stephanie of  My Piece of Littérateur

And before I nominate 10 bloggers for this award let me tell you 10 facts about me just like what they did when they receive this award.

1. I am always amaze and inspire whenever I hear other story from scratch to success.
2. I love to travel as this makes me relax and see others life just by passing them.

3. Mostly I love vibrant colors and light colors. I am into minimalist design also.

4. I love to eat outside but sometimes hold myself for my son or future expenses.

5. I don't have any vices but I know how to smokes and drink beer and wonder why this awful taste love by others.

6. I love to read interesting facts about beauty tips, domestic help, money making ideas and some inspirational stories.

7. I love social network especially facebook, I feel sad that friendster are now saying goodbye that was the first site I joined and just shift to FB when it was having a problem. But now I need to move on and just appreciate whatever we have now.

8. I also enjoy watching vid in youtube especially the show of Kim and Aggy in How clean is your house. Those ladies are really wonderful and had a lot of patient, and after watching their show it make me want to scrub and clean something. lol

9. When everyone want to have their own latest gadget I still love my old phone even though my sister gave me her samsung phone I still enjoyed and misses my phone of Nokia 5300.

10. I actually love nature, I am now a trying hard gardener, hoping that I can grew more plant, and right now I have this project of mine to put my compost pit at the back of my house hoping that I can lessen the trash in this world by converting it to fertilizer in my future garden. (Isn't it nice.)

So now I want to share this award to 10 blogs that I think deserves this:

1. notepad corner

2. The Bloggers Journal 

3. jared's little corner... 



6. Joy's Flair 

7.  sHeNgKaY's jOuRnaL 


9.  Cielo of Brown Pinay 

10. Life according to Anne

Well hope you enjoy this post and share also the award you receive.


  1. thank you very much for the award sis, hihi,:)

  2. wow, thanks for giving me the award too, sis ;)

  3. Thank you so much for this blog award! it's been a while since I got one. :)

  4. Thank you Air! :) I love it and will post it soon! :)

    It's also nice to learn more things about you.. :)

  5. Thanks for this award. It's my first time to receive this :)
    I'll blog about it when I sneak in some time tomorrow :)



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