May 29, 2011

Reuniting with an old friend

Somehow somewhere that old friends came along out of nowhere and unexpectedly. Last month I met a friend in the market unexpectedly. She is my friend in high school in first year level, actually were not really close but we are always in the same group whenever we have an activity at school. Yet we are not that close but we are good, I can see her a super perfectionist person as I see her work very neatly and making sure it will hit high score. She is really a hard working student but has some flaws also like she is a little too bossy so most of us really get irritated to her but aside from that i had no problem with her so I say we are good.

We also see sometimes in college but not really acquainted because we are in different course. I even saw her working as a part time in some fast food chain after one and another job. She is really determined to finished her studies even though they  couldn't afford it. Yes money is her problem most of the time I know it because we also had a group study at her house in high school time and I can see that they are not really financially free but struggle.

And then met her again in the market I also see her in the school where my son go to but skeptical to talk to her, i don't know I'm just maybe shy! But in the market we talked shortly, a little conversation and exchange our numbers. After that we exchange text then we becomes friend again this time a little closer. We dine out and go to shop together. Then I visited her home, I was surprise how her life really change dramatically. I never thought that she is really rich right now, as in out of my mind, all i knew is that she could afford, but now everything now can afford by her. Their business in onion has been booming like a lot, but still a perfectionist person as I knew her. Walking in her home is like entering in a celebrities home, its really huge and cozy.

A lesson I learned from her that if you really desired for something it really can came true like what she always hope for: a good husband, good provider that she can uplift their family in debt sink. Now She supports her siblings because both of her parent passed away, and she still manage to work and teach her two sons in school and still serve his husbands need. I'm so happy for her and I'm inspired.

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