May 30, 2011

Audio Book

Well to tell you the truth I had no idea what is audio book really is. All I know is you don't have to read it but to listen to it. Thankfully I've been downloaded some of it and try to listen it in my spare time.

Yeah I love reading but I prevented to have books even though I love it, because I have this habit that I'm excited now and later on I am not and the book became clutter just like books on my room and in the shelves.
I can't believe that I finished a book in just one day and now just repeating it if i had time to relax.

The book that I finished right now is "The Secret" and now I am now in its following edition of "The Power" Im in the mid right now but I think I can finished it. I love it, I thank God that it was invented - now goodbye to clutter and big bucks.

If you are a busy mom like me and love read a book a lot, well Audio Book is for you, it made for us...Teehee


  1. nice tips ai..interesting..gonna try it.)

    visiting here are you?

  2. hi airine, I tried for already more than 24 hours, but your comment box wont show at to post comment.. since I have also tried a few times befor this, finally, I decided I visit this blog of yours instead. Hope you can check it out..

    I have never tried audio books before, but I do have an american blogger friend who is a n ardent audio book follower.

  3. hi air, please visit my blog and collect a few awards from me.. i am giving you award numbers 4,5, 7 and 11. if you agree, please put inside my comment box the award numbers so that other bloggers can see its taken. thanks and congrats to you



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