July 02, 2011

Page rank

Good News my main blog From Wala To Okay earn page rank 2 by google. I actually forgot about this one because a long long time ago I kinda remove it on my page and I dont know why I did it maybe out of boredom or because I don't want it to show that it has a page rank of 0. 

Until all my bloggers friend have earn their page rank posted it on their status on Facebook, I feel happy for them actually with this thought of will my blog also earn it, nah it impossible my post are sometimes irrelevant, and the truth is I don't remember how to check my page rank. So hours ago I began searching about it and it blows my mind, yes it has earned it a page rank of 2. 

And now............what's next?


  1. well it only means that you need to continue blogging hihi


  2. Congratulations. Earning a page rank 2 for your blog is an accomplishment in itself. Keep it up. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. Congrats for that ranking. U may deserve it. keep blogging po...

  4. hi air, congrats for getting a 2 on your page rank by googles/ i got a 3 tho. happy blogging



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