March 05, 2011

My Son's Prayer

Once my son has written a prayer. It was also the first prayer he had learned in school. He told me that he  might forget the said prayer so he wanted to write it down.

And this is what I saw. His prayers written on a page of his book.

Click to enlarge

Dear God 

Thank you for our blessings this afternoon (his schedule)

Bless our teachers, Bless our parents

Make us good boys

And good girls,


Praise the Lord.

Always encourage our children to pray, teach them to depend on him and let them know that by doing so they will be blessed with more. Let them know that prayers are always heard by our God, Almighty!


  1. That is so sweet and thoughtful. You are very blessed to have a wonderful son. May the blessing of God be with you and your family always. TC

  2. i see that you have thought him well :) it's always good to teach our children how to pray. looking forward to the day that my daughter can finally say her own prayers, she's turning 2 but i teach her every now and then :) God bless!

  3. Awww! Your son is so sweet! God will surely answer his prayers!

  4. How old is he? It is nice and I am sure you are proud of having a son who already know how to thank and appreciate God ways :)

    Hope other kids have the same manner as his

    God bless you and your family more :)

  5. Thanks guys, my son is now 8 years old he write this down on 7th

  6. Smart kid! I hope every child is being loved by their parents like your son.

  7. Your son is so religious. You surely brought him up the right way! :3 I'm bet you are proud to be her mom :) Any mom would if their son wrote such wonderful prayers thanking for the blessings instead of asking for more :)




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