March 10, 2011

What Feng Shui really means.

Feng Shui is the Chinese word that literally means wind and water. Experts says that Feng Shui is a form of environmental psychology. This is a study about creating a natural environment that strengthens the ability or potential of an individual.

Many believes that Feng Shui contributed much to an individual to have the fulfillment of the goals in their life. A families that  having fun, peaceful homes, loss of tension, achieving great success in the profession and financial situation. These are the reason why I am now interested in Feng shui, my husband and I are dreaming of financial freedom here in our own country.

If Feng Shui class is available near in my place, I wouldn't hesitant to enroll, I am eager to learn about it. I want to really enhance my luck and turn bad into luck. And if this blog doesn't update for a long time that means I am researching and studying Feng Shui (I am so hooked about it). As we start from the scratch we are now happy that little by little we already achieved success and we are not stopping until we know that it is time to retire.

Goodluck in my journey as I began busy in my upcoming business to open very very soon.

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