October 07, 2013

Earning in Blog with LinkVehicle


Bloggers has a lot of ways to earn from their blog and one of them is LinkVehicle, where bloggers or publishers can submit their blog in LinkVehicle and earn from it after specified task of completion and get paid every first day of the month. 

After submission your link will be reviewed by the team of expert in LinkVehicle to be accepted. The requirements of blog to be accepted are unknown but to be sure try to do some optimization for your site and post regularly and original content in your blog.  

Earnings every month are depends on the task you will receive for your blog from $10 to $600 every month. The more blogs you have the more chances to be compensated with linkvehicle especially nowadays that more people are hiring their site to SEO their website which means more opportunity to be distributed to their publishers.

If you want to submit and apply your blogs, you can follow the link of linkvehicle here!


  1. sis, I have a question. So dapat yung blog mo updated, tama ba?

  2. correct but theres a time n my blog s not updated but still give me task



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