November 21, 2013

Jewelry as Investment, is it Okay or Not?


When I was young during my employment days a dorm-mate of mine used to buy gold and diamond jewelries because she thinks it is a good investment. And because I am not into jewelry I never bother to ask the details on how and why it is a good investment.

Many has a lot of opinion when they talk about jewelries as an investment, they say that only an expert in jewelry should be in this line of business and those who don’t should avoid it. Usually a reseller or whole seller profits in this kind of jewelry investment, when they buy it in bulks with a cheaper price and sell it at a higher price.

Sometimes collector earns more in jewelry when they buy it at a lower price and mark it in higher price because of its exquisite, exceptional and very rare design, but that’s another kind of story.

When we talk profiting, jewelry takes time to liquidate and sometimes you’ll get less as soon as you will need money urgently.  Of course you can always pawned and get only a quarter of its real value.

So for me, if you buy it at a lower price of its true value and sell it at a higher price then it’s good.

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