February 03, 2014

Home Savings Tips on Dishwasher Soap

Being a stay at home mom is probably the hardest job I ever encountered. I often thought that being a mom is being slavery at home not to mention that we are underpaid and oftentimes what we save for ourselves is used for sudden expenses at home.  

And because of this I am sharing you how I manage to save on dishwasher soap and no I am not teaching you how to make your own dishwashing soap or make some alternative soap for your dishes but this post is probably more like a review on the dishwashing soap I use at home because I am very satisfied with it and it’s not expensive at all.

The dishwashing I used is Dazz dishwashing paste and it cost only Php 27.00 (less than a dollar) for a bigger container, it is a hard paste actually and cannot be easily melt which lasts for more than a month of using. The green one is anti-bacterial with a lemon scent and according to its package it has a skin moisturizer which is good for our hands to stay supple and not dry. And about getting rid of grease just take my word for it because cleaning is a breeze.  

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