May 23, 2013

BPI Newest Investment Product: BPI Philippine Equity Index Fund

Bank of the Philippine Islands has launch a new unit investment trust fund or UITF called BPI Philippine equity index fund which has a main goal of riding the bullish market of Philippine Stock Exchange.

Just like the other UITF products of BPI the initial start of this investment is Php 10,000 and can do cost averaging with just a little as Php 1000 monthly for a longer period of time yet minimizing risk. These funds will invest in the stock market and buy shares but unlike stocks shares your investment will be in units instead.

This new UITF of BPI is recommended for those who want to try investing in the stock market without learning much of the whole stock market and without timing it for they are the one who will manage the strategy in investing. It was like leaving your money to a professional manager and let them invest and diversify for you.

For more, you can check out BPIPhilippine Equity Index Fund.


  1. I envy you, you have learned the art of stock trading. While I am zero regarding this. Good luck on more investments.

  2. just invested and im losing 17k ; (



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