May 19, 2013

Suze Orman in Philippines: Helping Filipinos with Their Financial Crisis


While we are all busy from the recent election 2013, we haven’t notice that the prominent financial Guru in America visited us. Suze Orman visited Philippines for the first time and she is travelling around the Asia to spread awareness on how we should handle financial matters.

And thank God that FB is spreading her presence here (through friends and group) and you may want to check out the interview of Suze Orman by Korina Sanchez

Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -

Watch the interview and you will surely learn and inspire from her, here are some important notes from Suze’s interview:

1. Health insurance is top priority

2. Get a Life Insurance especially if you have children.

NOTE: "Many of you has minors as beneficiaries of your life insurance policy, minors CANNOT inherit money. So, very careful people you may have many things setup in a way that will not benefit children unless you know what to do".
3. Get involved with your money

4. Avoid having”Bondage" with credit cards debt.

5. Think first in buying things if it is "A need" or "A want"... If it is "A want", purchase it with cash/debit card and not by credit cards.

Note: No credit card is even better than having one, and if you pay credit card with minimum only then you are doom. Pay your debt as soon as you can and cut out that credit card.

6. For most overseas workers, don't send all your money. Save something for your retirement.

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